Primary light


The light head with the highest power output with 3-step regulation.

Primary light


The light head with the highest power output with 3-step regulation.

Light source: 7x CREE® XP-L HI
Power: max. 70 W
Luminance: max. 8400 lm
Colour temperature: 5700 °K
Light distribution angle: 10°
Modes: 100%-50%-20% /-OFF*
Max. operating depth: 150 m
Head dimensions (length x diameter): 86 mm x 74/60 mm
Colour: black, red, blue, green
Made of: anodized aluminum
Type of handle: Goodman or Mini-G
Battery pack capacity 13.8 Ah 24.15 Ah 41.4 Ah
Charging time 4.5 h** 8 h** 8.5 h***
Weight on the surface 2.1 kg 2.7 kg 3.7 kg
Weight in water 0.8 kg 1.1 kg 1.5 kg

* option: additional OFF mode
** charging time for SY-CHARGLI-4A charger
*** charging time for SY-CHARGLI-6A charger
Automatic charger for Li-Ion battery packs with compartment included.

LED 70W working time diagram

Designed specifically for SeaYa LED 70W SPOT electronics signals the approaching end of lamp life by automatic reduction of output power to 20% and then to 5%. It gives the user the time to safely end diving or take a decision about further progress. The above-described scheme of work provides the maximum use of the battery pack while ensuring its safe operation.

Battery pack capacity  13.8 Ah
 24.15 Ah
 41.4 Ah
Working time A+B+C [min]  95+40+35  180+65+60 285+120+105

The most important features

SeaYa LED 70W SPOT is a smart design made of the best materials, ensuring its durability and functionality in use. The head is manufactured in Poland, using components designed and manufactured in Poland. SeaYa designs are complemented by components of the highest quality, from the European Union and the US.

seaya_led70wSPOT_12_details 7xpl_panel_seaya_detail_400x300 7-DIODE LED PANEL The use of reflector with high efficiency together with ultra clean, tempered glass, and combined with XP-L HI CREE® LEDs yielded focused light beam at 10° with a soft glow. By using dedicated electronics and CREE® XP-L HI LEDs lamp generates light of a maximum luminance level of 8400 lm at 100% power. Thanks to its parameters SeaYa LED 70W SPOT light head is perfect as primary light, providing the user with the ability to communicate under water. 7xpl_piezo_seaya_detail_400x300 POWER ADJUSTMENT With the built in the head PIEZO push button switch, the user has the possibility of 3-stage power regulation: 100%-50%-20%. This provides adjustment of the amount of light to the underwater conditions without losing contact with the light while reducing power. Optional 3 power modes can be extended by an additional OFF mode (100%-50%-20%-OFF).
uchwytM-G TYPE OF HANDLE The possibility of use of two types of handles. Goodman handle with adjustable height handle or Mini-G tailored to stick to your hand. standard_eo_seaya_detail_400x300 FLEXIBLE CABLE STANDARD OR E/O Cables for use in an underwater environment with high mechanical strength made of TPE technology (Thermoplastic Elastomer) combining features of the chemical resistance of PVC and flexibility of rubber. Extremely resistant to fracture maintain their flexibility over a wide temperature range. They are available in STANDARD version and optional E/O version allowing to disconnect cables under water.

Factory length of the cables:
- STANDARD: 105 cm (backmount) or 130 cm (sidemount)
- E/O: from light head 65 cm / from battery pack canister 40 cm (backmount) or 65 cm (sidemount)
or in accordance with customer requirements.
active-passive TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The head is equipped with active and passive thermal management system. Electronics installed inside the head controls the temperature of the LED panel with a sensor installed directly on the panel, securing the LEDs from overheating and damage. In extreme situations electronics actively restricts the power of the head, reducing the amount of generated light.
Special construction of the casing, which is a passive thermal management system provides excellent heat dissipation. Thanks to the ribs in the head housing, area of heat exchange with the environment was increased, maintaining the temperature of LED panel at an optimal level.
7xpl_mount_seaya_detail_400x300 MOUNTING ON CARABINER Housing design provides the possibility of mounting carabiner or loop in the back of the head to make it easier to hang up on harness. batterypack_seaya_detail_400x300 BATTERY PACKS CANISTERS 3 types of canisters with lithium-ion batteries with a capacity: 13.8 Ah, 24.15 Ah, 41.4 Ah. Battery packs made from specially selected Panasonic Li-Ion cells, arranged in 3S configuration providing compatibility with lighting systems and heating systems for dry suits. All packs have UN38.3 certificate defining packs as safe for transport. sideback_seaya_detail_400x300 BACKMOUNT OR SIDEMOUNT CONFIGURATION The modularity of canisters design provides interchangeable use of canister's lids. In BACKMOUNT configuration with cable outlet from the top and SIDEMOUNT with cable outlet on the side lid of the canister (only for capacity 13.8 Ah and 24.15 Ah). Canisters with 41.4 Ah Li-Ion battery packs are made only in BACKMOUNT configuration. classic_piezo_seaya_detail_400x300 CLASSIC OR PIEZO SWITCH Two types of switches to choose from: classic toggle or piezoelectric push button. CLASSIC toggle switch is characterized by a well-known condition (ON-OFF) of switch specified by the direction of lever toggle. Hermetic lever switch cover is made of very durable silicone, with additional internal sealing providing greater protection. Especially recommended for use with heating systems. Compact PIEZO push button switch has a high resistance to mechanical damage and long service life. Quick and easy to operate, even with thick gloves.
nickname_seaya_detail_400x300 PERSONALIZATION It is possible to personalise the battery pack canister. Maximum designation length 85 mm, height 20 mm. 7xpl_gland_seaya_detail_400x300 METAL CABLE GLAND A brass, nickel-plated cable gland with a bend protection made of stainless steel provides adequate sealing of the cable within the light head and the canister lid. It provides top performance in terms of mechanical durability and it protects the cable from breaking in the clamping point. single_dual_seaya_detail_400x300 SINGLE OR DUAL OUTPUT 13.8Ah and 24.15Ah Li-Ion battery pack canisters are available with one or two outputs with one CLASSIC toggle switch. 41.4 Ah Li-Ion battery pack canisters are available with one output (one CLASSIC toggle switch or one PIEZO push button switch) or with two outputs (two CLASSIC toggle switches or two PIEZO push button switches).

Modular system of SeaYa

SeaYa products have been designed for you and your needs. Thanks to the modularity of SeaYa lighting systems, you can set up your set so as to meet your expectations. Individual elements of the system can be changed depending on the planned dive.

SeaYa products in action

Underwater world, caves, wrecks... we are wherever you need us!


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