6 deegrees compact light head

Our offer has been enriched with a new LED light head 30W NARROW. In addition to the new design and much better focus, the head is equipped with active and passive thermal management system.
Electronics installed inside the head controls the temperature of the LED panel with a sensor installed directly on the panel, securing the LEDs from overheating and damage. Special construction of the casing, which is a passive thermal management system provides excellent heat dissipation. Thanks to the ribs in the head housing, area of heat exchange with the environment was increased, maintaining the temperature of LED panel at an optimal level.

The use of mirrors with high efficiency together with ultra clean, tempered glass, and combined with XP-L HI CREE® LEDs yielded focused light beam at 6° with a soft glow. By using dedicated electronics and CREE® XP-L HI LEDs lamp generates light of a maximum luminance level of 3600lm at 100% power.

With the built in the head PIEZO touch switch, the user has the possibility of 2-stage power regulation: 100%-50%. This provides adjustment of the quantity of light to the underwater conditions without losing contact with the light while reducing power. Optional 2 power modes can be extended by an additional OFF mode (100%-50%-OFF).

Designed specifically for SeaYa LED 30W NARROW electronics stabilizes the output power for a certain period of time depends on battery pack capacity at 100%. After this time, there is a linear decrease in light intensity, what gives the user the time to safely end diving or take a decision about further progress. This scheme of work provides the maximum use of the battery pack while ensuring its safe operation.

SeaYa LED 30W NARROW light head is offered with 13.8Ah, 24.15Ah, 41.4Ah Li-Ion battery pack canisters in backmount or sidemount configuration.

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