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Karol “Pencil” Ołówek

For years, I have been testing equipment made by various manufacturers, both Polish and foreign ones. Light produced by some of them was pretty decent, however they had to be crossed out fairly quickly due to low durability. Besides great light quality, SeaYa torches are known for their high strength. It is a crucial thing to me, as the equipment must operate regardless of conditions and things it went through on its way to the cave, to the diving spot during the transport. It was only SeaYa torches that passed this test.

The first experience that Karol had with diving was innocent and accidental as it started from snorkeling in Bulgaria and Greece in late 90’s. Later, after he already completed his first course, diving became his life passion. Since then, he went through all levels of training through wreck, technical, cave, and trimix diving. The passion for diving was a perfect match for love for travels. He worked as an underwater guide in several countries and also worked at shellfish fishing in cold Scottish waters. Up till now (November 2018), he has already dived in thirty countries such as: Albania, France, Serbia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Thailand, Macedonia, Romania, Armenia, Ukraine and many others.

He is a professional logistics manager what helps him in organizing diving trips. He is always eager to prepare both short and long-term diving trips for his friends and trainees. A cave enthusiast,  caver, searcher of abandoned places (mines, drifts, factories). SDI/TDI diving and first aid instructor. While training future divers, he always tries to pass his knowledge and experience. He states that in order to become a good diver, one must undergo strenuous training in different conditions. Lover of Balkans, which he has been visiting for the last 20 years. He also loves underwater photography, wild mountains, Asia and its cuisine, black humor and good company during the trips.

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Karol “Pencil” Ołówek

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