Krzysztof Hnatów

I pay big attention to equipment reliability. After using various lighting brands, I finally chose SeaYa!

He started his underwater adventure over 20 years ago. During that time, he dived over 2 thousand times in various environments, from cold waters of the Baltic Sea, through the richness of the depths of the Red Sea, to underwater caves or flooded mines.

As he says, diving provides not only emotions connected with contact with particular environment, but also limitless possibilities for development. It is an area where each and every one may find something to his/her liking – underwater photographer will enjoy unique views, historian can discover secrets of wrecks, and a biologist may observe the underwater flora and fauna. Regardless of the reason for diving into the depths of waters, each experience requires one common thing – SOLID TRAINING AND SAFETY.

He gained his experience in many diving federations – LOK, CMAS, SSI, TDI, IANTD. In 2007, he became a technical diving instructor of IANTD federation as he wanted to share his passion with others.

Krzysztof Hnatów
Krzysztof Hnatów
Li-Ion 24,15 Ah

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Krzysztof Hnatów

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