Maciej Jurasz

I've chosen SeaYa light a few years ago and it proved itself during deep dives and explorations of caves and wrecks. It accompanies me during many trainings, where it's especially exposed to damages, but SeaYa is doing just fine, that’s why I RECOMMEND IT.

The founder and owner of Diving Center Płetwal Poznań and Akademia Instruktorów H20. Graduate of AWF Poznań (University of Physical Education), a court-appointed expert of the District Court in Poznań. In 2018, he received the highest distinction of PADI Platinum Course Director – which only three Poles have ever received. Tec Rec Trimix and Rebreather Trainer Instructor, who was often awarded an “Elite Instructor” title, and in 2013, 2016, and 2017 he also received a “Silver Course Director” title. Practice is most important to him, both in diving and business in the diving branch. He is always willing to share his knowledge, which he does in a friendly and open way. He carries out his training in many parts of the world. He cooperates with many diving centers and instructors – practice, sincerity, and experience are features that make him stand out. He has already performed 3000 dives and issued over 2000 certificates, including five hundred instructor certificates. He is an experienced technical instructor who performed partner dive at 151m and carried out a team diving at 100m, where the Rubik’s cube was solved for the first time.

About himself: „We are a resultant of people that we met on our way” is a sentence that, in my opinion, contains many pearls of wisdom. Above all, diving enchanted me because of various people with the same state of mind who dive together but deal with entirely different things in their professional life. As an instructor, I can share my passion and meet many people from all over the world and from various cultures, which helps me in self-development as I am constantly working on new plans for the future.

Maciej Jurasz
Maciej Jurasz
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