Michaël “Mike” Doumont

I’ve searched a long time for innovating lights and I’ve met Pawel, the boss of SEAYA, who shared with me his passion, his vision of diving and his desire of innovation. It’s for all these reasons that I’ve decided to work with the brand, the team and to become a SEAYA Ambassador.

Technical Instructor Trainer PADI TEC REC, IANTD Instructor, Technical Full Cave Diver, TECLINE SIDEMOUNT AVENGER designer, MDS Technology Equipment designer.

The owner of XPERIENCE DIVING in Belgium.

He has joined the professional side of the diving industry in 2011 as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. He was at this time already charmed by technical diving and sidemount diving. It’s for this reason that he has decided to go to DAHAB to learn about this two kind of diving. This trip would changed his vision of diving for the rest of his life. Diving is an introspection, but also an incredible human adventure. In his opinion technical diving require reliable equipment, passion and human meeting. It’s for these reasons that he likes it so much. Sidemount diving needs to learn and search indefinitely the ultimate set-up.

Michaël “Mike” Doumont
Michaël “Mike” Doumont
Michaël “Mike” Doumont
Li-Ion 24,15 Ah

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Michaël “Mike” Doumont