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SeaYa Demo Days in Kosie’s D.I.V.E. Center, Germany

Data wydarzenia: 08 – 10.06.2023
SeaYa Demo Days in Kosie’s D.I.V.E. Center, Germany

Immerse yourself in the underwater world of Lake Schwerin during SeaYa Demo Days!

All lovers of diving and underwater adventures are welcome! Get ready to explore the breathtaking depths of Lake Schwerin during SeaYa Demo Days organized at the Kosie D.I.V.E. Center base. The event scheduled for the weekend will focus on all aspects of scuba diving, from equipment presentations to unforgettable underwater experiences.

During SeaYa Demo Days you will be able to:

  • Test our state-of-the-art underwater lighting systems, designed to illuminate your underwater adventures like never before!
  • Feel the comfort of our innovative heating canister, ideal for extending your dive time in cold waters
  • Meet other divers and share your experiences and learn from experienced professionals
  • Discover the captivating underwater world of Lake Schwerin, full of fascinating life and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the waters of Lake Schwerin and learn about the latest in diving technology. Mark the date on your calendar and join us at Kosie’s D.I.V.E. Center for an unforgettable weekend full of underwater adventures!

Event details:
Date: 08 – 10.06.2023
Hour: 10-18
Location: Kosie’s D.I.V.E. Center
Forststrasse 19
19065 Raben Steinfeld