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Düsseldorf 2023 summary and conclusions.

Europe’s largest water sports trade show is over! We spent 11 days in Düsseldorf, and in order to be able to offer the highest level of service, we worked with a slightly enlarged team.

Boot fair is undoubtedly the longest trade fair we have attended, for us it’s new contacts, strengthening of existing ones, and the opportunity to present ourselves at our best. In a particularly pleasant atmosphere, talks were held after 6 pm 😉.

A three years brake without the show is a long time. Especially in an industry like ours. So it’s no wonder that the excitement and expectations for the Boot Fair were high. Another visit to Dusseldorf is first and foremost a confirmation that we are heading in the right direction, as evidenced by the reception of the SeaYa brand. It’s been a while since our first visit in 2017, and with this perspective, it’s easier to look at ourselves and our place in the market of dive lighting manufacturers.

A lot has changed, but we have continuously strived to provide and promote products that will help make any dive safer, more enjoyable, and worth remembering. Throughout the years we have introduced our products to countless dive center owners, stores, dealers, instructors, and ordinary divers. Thanks to this, every year we see the number of people who come to us by recommendation or have had the opportunity to see or test our lights and heating systems and decided to purchase their own. This is a very encouraging and extremely satisfying feeling for any brand.

During this edition of Boot, we noticed a significant increase in visits from dealers from different countries. We are very happy about this, as it shows that we are becoming a brand that is increasingly recognized and associated with the right quality.

Of course, we couldn’t come to such a big event without any new ideas or products! In Dusseldorf, for the first time, we presented to the world our cover solution for the 13.8Ah and 24.15Ah modular canister system for backmount (SY-LID70-C-OUT+) and sidemount (SY-LID70-C-OUT+ SM) configurations, having two outputs – one for light power and the other for heating.

We used two switches in the lid to independently control the power supply to the light head and the heating system. Of course, there was no shortage of testing our equipment, and we’re not talking about turning on our lights at our booth or in a bucket of water, but real underwater tests that could be carried out in a newly constructed pool that was built especially for the fair.

Boot 2023 is behind us, and in the meantime, we are already preparing for the next fair, which will be held on the first weekend of February in the Netherlands. We cordially invite all our customers and supporters from the region, as the event promises to be very interesting.

SeaYaaa soon!