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Quarry Sparmann by SeaYa On Tour

Sparmann is a quarry located in the center of a city in eastern Germany.

Not only its location is quite specific but also the depth of the reservoir itself is impressive because it is almost 70 meters, This means attractions. Everyone will find something here for themselves lovers of flora and fauna can be very pleasantly surprised right after entering the water when their eyes will see a rather large sturgeon, which is the local attraction that has already become such friends with the divers that it even allows you to pet it, swimming further in the littoral to a depth of 6 meters we can meet quite a large pike, which can be seen that the diver has already seen more than once and they are not afraid of the light of our diving torches, they can approach at a distance of just a few centimeters and then unhurriedly change their position by literally a few meters. In the branches of flooded trees hide quite a large number of smaller fish. For amateurs of deeper experience, we offer one of several sunken attractions here in the depth range from 20 meters to 60 meters and these are, a piper plane, UAZ, or a small boat. It is worth taking a primary light for a deeper dive, even our primary light Narrow 30W. Below 8 meters there is a layer of quite murky water, which effectively cuts off the light supply below 10 meters after breaking through a layer of yellow murky crap, our eyes will see the beautiful walls of the quarry floating as far as the eye can see in the light of your primary light.

Finally, it is worth adding that the base has its own accommodation, and a fully equipped compressor room, which means that Nitrox 50 or TMX will not be a problem.

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