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Salon de la Plongée – first step

The Salon de la Plongée 2023, held in Paris, was our first official visit to a dive show in France. We had never undertaken any major activities in this market before and had never worked with representatives here. Therefore, participation in the fair was accompanied by a lot of excitement and curiosity.

Of course, we were aware that this is one of the largest events of its kind in Europe and how big the diving market is in France. Nevertheless, we were very pleasantly surprised by the huge number of visitors to the fair. It was a great opportunity to show our best side and present a full cross-section of SeaYa products.

A lot of positive energy from our side and individual approach to each of the visitors once again brought a great result. Our booth was visited by a mass of people, and in addition to the typical curiosity about what’s new at such events, we also saw interest growing as more solutions from our offer were introduced. What was a pleasant surprise for us was the numerous and mostly positive feedback from users. It turned out that many of them have and appreciate SeaYa products.

We also had many conversations with the distributor and key dealers, which allow us to look with optimism at further developing our brand in the French market.

At the end of the fair, we were convinced that we had used the time well and presented ourselves in the best possible way. It was certainly not our last time at the Paris fair!