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Battery pack canister

Li-Ion 13,8 Ah DUAL

SeaYa 13.8 Ah Li-Ion battery pack canister with two outputs in backmount configuration.

Capacity: 13.8 Ah
Max. voltage: 12.6 V
Max. current: 20 A
Protections: against overcharge, overdischarge, overdrain and short circuit
Switch type: CLASSIC toggle ON-OFF-ON
Configuration: backmount
Max. operating depth: 150 m
E/O cords length: 40 cm or according to customer reqiurements
Dimensions (diameter/height): 70/238 mm
Weight on land/in water: 1.6/0.6 kg
Colour: black or blue
Made of: Delrin®
Certyficate: UN38.3
Charging time: 8 h*

*Automatic SY-CHARGLI-4A charger for Li-Ion battery packs with compartment included.

The most important features

SeaYa DUAL 13.8 Ah Li-Ion battery pack canister is a smart design made of the best materials, ensuring its durability and functionality in use. The canister is manufactured in Poland, using components designed and manufactured in Poland. SeaYa designs are complemented by components of the highest quality, from the European Union and the US.
It is possible to personalise the battery pack canister. Maximum designation length 85 mm, height 20 mm.
The 13.8 Ah battery pack is manufactured from carefully selected Li-Ion cells made by Panasonic, and being assembled in 3S configuration, it provides power supply compatibility with lighting and heating systems of dry suits. It is equipped in safety device, protecting it from overcharge, deep discharge, overload, and short circuit. It provides current load up to 20 A. The 13.8 Ah Li-Ion battery pack has the UN38.3 Certificate, which describes the package as safe for transport.
DELRIN® (POM-C) is a plastic characterised by top durability, hardness, and stiffness. Due to very low water absorption and high chemical resistance, it is perfect for variety of applications in aquatic environment. There are two colour options: black and blue.
Completely closed battery pack is protected from accidental flooding by an internal, additional lid with banana connectors. It is possible to protect the package from any unintended powering on during transport by rotating the canister cover by 180 degrees and placing banana connectors in blind openings.
3-state CLASSIC toggle switch is characterized by a well-known switching state (ON-OFF-ON) determined by the direction of the lever swing. Switching the lever to the “ON I” position turns on the power supply of only one output, for example to the light head, while switching the lever to the “ON II” position switches both outputs from the battery pack canister to, for example, lighting and heating. Hermetic lever switch cover is made of very durable silicone, with additional internal sealing providing greater protection.
A brass, nickel-plated cable gland with a bend protection made of stainless steel provides adequate sealing of the cable within the canister lid. It provides top performance in terms of mechanical durability and it protects the cable from breaking in the clamping point.
A clamp system with an interlock prevents any unintended opening of the battery pack canister. Due to application of clamps, any user may replace the canister cover, depending on desired configuration, BACKMOUNT or SIDEMOUNT. The clamp system also allows for the bottom part of the canister to be replaced with Li-Ion battery pack with 13.8 Ah or 24.15 Ah capacity. It is a useful option if there is no possibility to charge the battery pack between dives or if it is necessary to use a battery pack providing longer time of operation.

Modular system of SeaYa

SeaYa products have been designed for you and your needs. Thanks to the modularity of SeaYa battery pack canisters, you can set up your set so as to meet your expectations. Individual elements of the system can be changed depending on the planned dive.

Where to buy Li-Ion 13,8 Ah DUAL?

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