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SeaYa Dykmassan Nacka Strand Stockholm

DykMässan – Stockholm, Vasa and Vrak museums

From the beginning, the event created a lot of excitement for us, because it was the first time we had the opportunity to exhibit in Stockholm, plus Sweden is a very important market for us.
SeaYa Dive Lights at The Netherlands, Expo Houten, Duikvaker 2023

Duikvaker 2023 Holland fair

During Duikvakker 2023, we were able to set a DD date with our dealers.
SeaYa at BOOT Düsseldorf 2023

Düsseldorf 2023 summary and conclusions.

11 Days at Europe's largest water sports trade show.
SeaYa at Salon de la Plongée

Salon de la Plongée – first step

Salon de la Plongée 2023 was our first official visit to a diving fair in France.

Baltictech X anniversary edition

The 10th-anniversary edition of the Baltictech conference in Gdynia was a long-awaited event.

Kreidesee Hemmoor – Demo Days

I won't lie if I say that this is one of the best inland diving sites in Europe

Quarry Sparmann by SeaYa On Tour

Sparmann is a quarry located in the center of a city in eastern Germany. 70 meters, Sturgeons, and Spikes.

Hunsfels quarry Germany by SeaYa On Tour

During the first edition of the Polish-German Dive Demo Days, we had the opportunity to explore above and below the water of the recently opened quarry for divers.

Sweden – Smögen by SeaYa On Tour

Smögen Dyk&Upplevelse dive base is located on the picturesque coast of Sweden in the small village of Smögen.

Dvikvaker – Holand

Held near Utrecht, the Duikvaker dive fair is the leading dive event in the Netherlands
SeaYa On Tour DykMässan Sweden

DykMässan – Sweden

Held in Sweden, the DykMässan diving fair is an event with almost a cult status in Scandinavia.