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Frequently asked questions

The standard cable length is 105 cm. The exception is the sidemount version, where the cable length is 130 cm.

The cable used to connect the heater will be respectively: 65 cm for the canister used to power the flashlight and the heater, 40 cm for the canister for the heater, and 65 cm for the sidemount version.

Black is the primary color in SeaYa’s flashlight offerings – both for the light heads and the canisters for lights and heating.

Yes, we offer blue, red, gold, fuchsia, or green – but please note that not every color can be applied to all products. Please ask your local representative for details.

Yes, you can choose different canister and head colors, however, not all products are available in all colors. Please ask your local representative for details.

Yes, it is possible. The maximum size of such engraving is 85 mm x 20 mm.

All our flashlights and heating canisters are tested to a depth of 150 m. Products with a more excellent depth range, e.g., for expeditions or cave explorations, are created after individual consultations. In case of such demand, please contact us.

Yes, each of our canisters can be equipped with two E/O cables, one of which will power the heating and the other the lighting. However, please note that this solution significantly reduces the operating time of both heating and lighting. For more details, please see our Products

It depends on the level of discharge, but no longer than 4-4.5 hours. The included charger selects the charging time itself depending on the level of discharge of the battery canister.