Nikolas Margaritis

I met SeaYa during TekDive Europe ’17, when we had just finished the underwater filming our first short documentary, “Amphitrite” and I was looking for the perfect combo of powerful video and primary lights for our Top2Bottom team.

Nikolas “MIZU” Margaritis has been diving since 2011. He is tech and cave certified. He actively participated in various projects such as Ghost Fishing, Lake Vouliagmeni P.O.N.D. project (Protect Our Natures´ Demands), Vouliagmeni Lagoon 3D mapping and several local biowatch activities.

Nikolas is interested in ecology (conservation biology, animal welfare and environment), citizen science, cave & wreck diving, photography and filmmaking.

He is the co-founder, primary underwater cinematographer & photographer of the Top2Bottom Diving Team.

Nikolas Margaritis
Nikolas Margaritis
Li-Ion 41,4 Ah DUAL
Nikolas Margaritis

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Nikolas Margaritis

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