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Hunsfels, Germany

Data wydarzenia: 4-6.06.2022
Hunsfels, Germany

Demo Days Germany – the first of a series of three – we start at the Hunsfels quarry. Steinbruch Hunsfels is an old limestone quarry in Stromberg in Germany with terraced walls and a maximum depth of 54 meters.

Well-known and very popular diving event format Demo Days this time will visit the most popular German quarries. This is a great opportunity for everyone to visit the cult German diving sites, and at the same time to test and see a lot of diving equipment.

Surely everyone will find something just right for themselves. And what better opportunity to test the equipment we are interested in than to dive in a wonderful quarry full of underwater attractions? This is a perfect field for testing lighting, the full range of which will be made available to Demo Days participants. There will be video lamps, our reliable ZOOM, and the already cult SPOT 70W.

Three quarriesSparmann, Hunsfels, and Hemmoor on three convenient dates, are three unique opportunities for an unforgettable dive and trip with friends! You are going to search for sunken treasures, and our flashlights will certainly help you there 😉


Event details:
Date: 4-6.06.2022
Hour: 10-17
Location: Steinbruch Hunsfels – quarry