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DykMässan – Sweden

Held in Sweden, the DykMässan diving fair is an event with almost a cult status in Scandinavia. The event is held alternately in Gothenburg and Stockholm every year, but due to the problems related to the pandemic, travel, and organizing mass events, DykMässan also had a small break.

After two years of pause, the fair was hosted by Gothenburg again, and we could not let go of such an excellent opportunity. So we packed up our booth and the entire cross-section of SeaYa products primary lights, and heating canisters,  and headed to Sweden.

I must admit that it was DykMässan in Gothenburg that had a very cool vibe for us. The place where the exhibitors are gathered is an old market hall where fish used to be sold. In addition, also Gothenburg itself, is well located, in terms of hosting a major diving event. Its proximity to neighboring countries Denmark and Norway allows it to gather a much larger group of customers and diving enthusiasts. A nice touch is also the fact that in the immediate vicinity of the said hall, there are several very atmospheric restaurants, where you can eat, for example, delicious pizza at the Italian and drink delicious wine to it.

As for our booth, we have already gotten used to the fact that we are besieged in Scandinavia. From the very morning, more divers show up, interested in both primary lights and our solutions combining power for lighting and heating.  After all, such is the peculiarity of this region, where the summer season is very short, and doing OWD in a dry suit and with a twin set is quite common.

The long winter and low temperatures force the use of concrete and reliable solutions. Numerous quarries and flooded mines are a real testing ground for lighting, electric heating, and power canisters. In short – the perfect place for us! The Swedish mines of Långban or Tuna Hästberg, are real meccas for mine divers. So are Plura and Litjåga for cave divers, located in northern Norway. Countless training, technical and exploratory dives are conducted at these sites. This creates a great cross-section of conditions, for the application of our full range of products. I make no secret of the fact that slipper mail and referrals from satisfied customers play their big role. In such a narrow and knowledgeable environment, when choosing certain solutions, the reputation of a brand or product is often a key issue.

However, our customers and booth visitors at DykMässan were not just cave divers. After all, Sweden, like its neighbors, is also a coastline stretching for miles. In the country from under the coat of arms of the three crowns, the diving community has both the Baltic Sea and the North Sea at its disposal. This creates a range of opportunities from wreck diving to beautiful meadows and interesting flora and fauna. All of these divers have one thing in common – the need for good lighting and attention to thermal comfort. This is where we come in with a full range of SeaYa products, which is sure to meet the needs of every user😉.

Take a look at the photo gallery from the fair.