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Hunsfels quarry Germany by SeaYa On Tour

During the first edition of the Polish-German Dive Demo Days, we had the opportunity to explore above and below the water of the recently opened (2020) quarry for divers, which is located in a flooded quarry Hunsfels, near the small town of Stromberg.

The reservoir is much deeper (54 m) than similar places in Poland and thus enables a broad spectrum of recreational and technical diving. In addition, it is the only attractive diving site in the area, which translates into its popularity among the local community.

Głowica LED Gold SeaYa NARROW 30W
Gold SeaYa NARROW 30W primary LED 🔦 head together with dual output 24.15Ah Li-Ion battery pack canister – a powerful (3600lm) and very focused (6°) flashlight with a power supply for dry suit heating system.

Back in 2010, there was still active mining here, but due to a puncture in the water vein, the quarry began to fill with water slowly. Initially, the problem was dealt with using a system of pumps, but when the daily electricity demand was so high that it cost more than a thousand euros, it was decided to abandon the excavation.

Over the next few years, the water-filled the abandoned quarry, its level varying from 52 to 54 meters depending on the season and rainfall. Of course, it didn’t take long for local divers, who are not spoiled by the quantity and quality of the surrounding waters, to take an interest in the site. Hunsfels was quickly adopted as a diving area. A platform was installed on the surface, with a comfortable descent and a separate exit from the water. Another platform has been placed at a depth of 6 meters so that it is possible to comfortably put on stage cylinders and additional equipment and quickly check all equipment before diving or complete decompression on the way back.

SeaYa On Tour - Germany Hunsfels
SeaYa SPOT and NARROW in red.

In the reservoir, research is being conducted as part of the GUE Project Baseline initiative. There are several measurement sites in the quarry where data are collected.

Of course, we would not be ourselves if we did not test our equipment in the quarry. Practically all the flashlights from our stable went into the water. From the classic SeaYa NARROW 30W LED in colors ranging from blue to red to black to the SeaYa ZOOM 32W LED, not to mention our golden unicorn – SeaYa SPOT 70W LED, which reached and illuminated the bottom at a maximum depth of 52 meters at a water temperature of 4°C.

When it comes to flora and fauna, underwater, we can encounter smaller fish such as minnows or small pikes. In the littoral zone, there is a lot of greenery, which looks excellent in torchlight or sunshine. Of course, at the bottom, we can also find the remains of the infrastructure from the mining times. At a depth of about 40 meters, there is a traffic light and a water pump. Below 35 meters, the walls of the quarry become darker and are covered with white veins, which in the light of an underwater flashlight looks simply phenomenal, and in the light of our flashlights fabulous 😉 .

From the attractions typical for divers, on the rock shelf was also a sunken sailboat, which can be found at a depth of about 20 m. This is the only artificial attraction, and no new ones will appear here soon. All because the quarry is connected to a source of drinking water used by the local community.

Gallery from the expedition to Hunsfels 2022 quarry.