Jae Han Lee

Jae Han Lee from Korea is PADI Master Instructor. In February 2011, he became an Openwater Diver with the recommendation of his cousin, who started diving before him. When he first descended into Cebu, he was fascinated by the beautiful ocean and neutral buoyancy. In March 2012, he passed IE in Cebu, and his life was restarted as a […]

Stratis Kas

Stratis Kas is a professional award-winning photographer and filmmaker who has been published numerous times in prestigious magazines like Vogue (Italy, Russia, Greece) and GQ (UK) among others. His work has included advertising material for brands like Christian Dior and Levi’s. As an artist, he has exhibited in galleries and shows in London, New York, […]

Karol “Pencil” Ołówek

The first experience that Karol had with diving was innocent and accidental as it started from snorkeling in Bulgaria and Greece in late 90’s. Later, after he already completed his first course, diving became his life passion. Since then, he went through all levels of training through wreck, technical, cave, and trimix diving. The passion […]

Nikolas Margaritis

Nikolas “MIZU” Margaritis has been diving since 2011. He is tech and cave certified. He actively participated in various projects such as Ghost Fishing, Lake Vouliagmeni P.O.N.D. project (Protect Our Natures´ Demands), Vouliagmeni Lagoon 3D mapping and several local biowatch activities. Nikolas is interested in ecology (conservation biology, animal welfare and environment), citizen science, cave & […]

Krzysztof Hnatów

He started his underwater adventure over 20 years ago. During that time, he dived over 2 thousand times in various environments, from cold waters of the Baltic Sea, through the richness of the depths of the Red Sea, to underwater caves or flooded mines. As he says, diving provides not only emotions connected with contact with […]

Michaël “Mike” Doumont

Technical Instructor Trainer PADI TEC REC, IANTD Instructor, Technical Full Cave Diver, TECLINE SIDEMOUNT AVENGER designer, MDS Technology Equipment designer. The owner of XPERIENCE DIVING in Belgium. He has joined the professional side of the diving industry in 2011 as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. He was at this time already charmed by technical […]

Maciej Jurasz

The founder and owner of Diving Center Płetwal Poznań and Akademia Instruktorów H20. Graduate of AWF Poznań (University of Physical Education), a court-appointed expert of the District Court in Poznań. In 2018, he received the highest distinction of PADI Platinum Course Director – which only three Poles have ever received. Tec Rec Trimix and Rebreather […]